2013 IEEE Global High Tech Congress on Electronics
(GHTCE 2013)

November 17-19, 2013
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China

IEEE Consumer Electronics Society


2013 IEEE Global High Tech Congress on Electronics (GHTCE 2013) will be held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on November 17-19, 2013, in Shenzhen, China. In parallel with the 15th China Hi-Tech Fair (the largest technology show in China with typically over 500,000 attendees), the congress serves as a world-class forum for scientists and engineers to share the cutting-edge innovations in electronics, forecast the technology trends and opportunities, and enjoy an immersive experience of China's latest technology advances.

The congress program will feature paper sessions and workshops, industry summits and forums, demos, tutorials, and technical tours. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1. Internet of Things
2. Smart Grid, Power Systems and Renewable Energy
3. Mobile Internet and Social Computing
4. Cloud Computing and Consumer Services
5. ICT and Electronics for Healthcare
6. Big Data, Analytics and Optimization
7. Human-Device Interaction
8. Entertainment & Services
9. Image & Video Processing
10. A/V Systems
11. RF & Wireless
12. Network Technology & Energy Management
13. Automotive Entertainment, Safety & Information
14. Enabling Technology


GHTCE 2013 | Track Descriptions

Hot Track - Internet of Things:
Applications and Solutions (Smart Cities, Transportation, Education, Buildings, Logistics, Agriculture, Mines, Environment, etc.), Infrastructure and Enabling Technologies (Sensors & Actuators, Sensor Network & Control Area Network, Communications & Interconnections, Data Processing & Storage, Reliability, Privacy & Security, Management & Operation), Architecture and System Integration, Business Models, Social Implications.

Hot Track - Smart Grid, Power Systems and Renewable Energy:
Smart Meters, HEMS, Microgrids, Distributed Generation, Time-of-Use Pricing, Price Signals, Peak Shaving, Load Shedding, Demand Response, Power Quality, Power Electronic Devices and Systems, Fuel Cells, Super Capacitors, Advanced Batteries, Wind, Solar, Wave Energy Systems, Hydro and Microhydro Power Generation, Integrated Renewable Systems.

Hot Track - Mobile Internet and Social Computing:
Mobile Internet, Mobile Computing, Applications and Services (Mobile Payment, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Working, Mobile Enterprise, Mobile Government, etc.), Operating Systems and Middleware for Mobile Devices, Location Based Services, Social Recommendation, Social Advertising, Social Network Analysis, Social Media.

Hot Track - Cloud Computing and Consumer Services:
Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, Storage-as-a-Service, Data-as-a-Service, Service-Oriented Architecture, Mobile Clouds, Roaming Services in Clouds, Application Management in Clouds, Cloud Economics and Business Models.

Hot Track - ICT and Electronics for Healthcare:
Information and Communications Technology for Healthcare, Healthcare Electronics, Portable Healthcare Devices, Home Healthcare Devices, Connected Health, Mobile and Remote Healthcare Applications and Services.

Hot Track – Big Data, Analytics and Optimization:
Data Mining Technologies (Uncertainty Modeling, Spatial and Temporal Data Mining, Graph Mining, etc.), Big Data Processing and Storage, Big Multimedia Data Retrieval, Business Analytics and Optimization, Credit Scoring, Crime Modeling, Web Intelligence, Marketing and e-Commerce, Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems.

Regular Track - Human-Device Interaction:
Human-Device Interfaces, Interactive Systems, Gesture Control, Haptics, EEG Technologies, Assistive Technology, Interactive TV, Healthcare Systems, Personalized Devices and Services, Location-based Services, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Experience Design, User Experience.

Regular Track - Entertainment & Services:
PVR, Cloud Services, Internet Integration, Home Robotics, Multimedia Control, Gaming Technology, Personal Multimedia Devices, Streaming & Video on Demand, Handheld & Wearable Computers.

Regular Track - Image & Video Processing:
Still & Video Cameras, Applications & Implementations, Codecs, Encoding/Decoding, Error Correction & Concealment, Quality & Sharpness Enhancement, 3D Video, Color Processing, Visual Quality Assessment, Embedded Computer Vision, GPU Processing.

Regular Track - A/V Systems:
Analog and Digital Audio, Audio Applications, Audio Receiver Processing, Content Indexing, Recording, Storage, Compression, Content Indexing, Networked A/V, Distribution, Transmission and QoS, Digital TV, 3D Displays, Quality Assessment, Digital Rights Management, Loudspeakers.

Regular Track - RF & Wireless:
Antennas, Acquisition, Digital Modulation Systems, Interference, Equalization, Spectrum Usage, Software Radio, Wireless LAN, 802.11 Standards, Bluetooth, RFID, WPAN, UWB, Mobile Broadband, Next Generation Cellular, Cloud-based Communication.

Regular Track - Network Technology & Energy Management:
Wired & Wireless Multimedia, QoS, Network Security, High Speed Signals & Interconnects, Peer-to-Peer, Personal Area Networks, Internet Appliances, Home Control, Bridges, Interoperability, Application Control, Energy Management, CE Applications of Sensor Networking.

Regular Track - Automotive Entertainment, Safety & Information:
Navigation, A/V Systems, Assistive Technology including Driver Assistance, Networks & Communication, Sensors and Control, In-Car Entertainment, Speech Interfaces, Automotive Camera Systems.

Regular Track - Enabling Technology:
Development Tools, Test Equipment, Power and Conventional Batteries, Cost Reduction, Recyclable/Green Engineering, Product Safety, Intellectual Property, Embedded & Reconfigurable Hardware, Memory & Storage, Secure Transactions, Biometrics, Encryption, Privacy, Standards.