VPPC is the flagship conference of IEEE for advanced vehicles and this makes VPPC of significant importance with unprecedented responsibilities. There is a dire need to educate the public, train the students, engineers, and scientists, research fundamental and groundbreaking solutions, innovate new technologies, develop cost-effective and better products, and finally commercialize more environmental friendly vehicles. VPPC is doing a great job in leading such monumental task from the technical side.

The previous conferences were held as follows:
- VPPC 2005: Chicago, USA
- VPPC 2006: Windsor, UK
- VPPC 2007: Arlington, USA
- VPPC 2008: Harbin, China
- VPPC 2009: Dearborn, USA
- VPPC 2010: Lille, France
- VPPC 2011: Chicago, USA
- VPPC 2012: Seoul, Korea